Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bike as Art

Nora gets a look at one of her "sisters," currently on display at KACC

SJ Derby, an extremely talented photographer and flower arranger, is one of the artists currently on display at the art center where I work (Kerr Arts & Cultural Center, aka KACC).  Her exhibit is titled Nature's Inspirations and features what SJ calls "constructions."  Among the constructions are the giant stalk of a century plant, painted red and adorned with colorful wire and fiber nests, painted metal bedsprings arranged into modern sculpture, and a red screen door decorated with fall leaves. 

A closeup of the palm frond accents
on the wheel of the art bike. Note the
identical fins on Nora's wheel.

SJ has incorporated everything from honeycomb and weathered wood to tomato cages and gourds into her works.  It's an engaging, fun exhibit!

When the exhibit was being installed into the gallery, one of the constructions caught my particular interest.  It was an old, rusted bicycle adorned with what looks like silver painted palm fronds and silver stars.

As I studied that old bicycle (because that's what bike nuts do: study bikes, no matter what condition they're in.) some familiar features caught my eye.  The lines of the frame, the fins at the back wheel, the bracket on the headtube, even the chain ring are identical to my cruiser bike, Nora.  They're both 1963 Sears Spacliners!  The art bike is a 24" frame and Nora is a 26", but they're definitely the same year and model of bike!  Of course, when I made the discovery I had to tell EVERYONE within talking distance!

That's all I have for this afternoon! 
May the world around you continue to inspire and surprise you!