Thursday, February 23, 2012

To HEB and beyond!

My commuter bike, "Marina" at the grocery store. 
The place needs bicycle racks!!

When 2012 rolled around I made a few resolutions.  One of those resolutions was to get serious about commuting to work  on a bike more than I drive the car. 

This week I can honestly say I am a bicycle commuter.  As you can see in the photo at the left, I have equipped my commuter bike with a set of fenders, a rear rack and panniers (the bags on the back) to make it a more practical ride to work.

The fenders protect me from the mud and gravel that tends to spring from the tires to my clothes and you'd be amazed what I can carry in those panniers (Laptop, bottles of water, bulky purse and lots more... all at once!)

Today was my first big trip to the grocery store.  The panniers easily detach from the rear rack and have a shoulder strap so I can carry them into the grocery store and use them as shopping bags!  Pretty cool, eh?

This week I cycled into work all but one day.  The day I drove was a day I was scheduled to be at work until after 8 pm.  A good headlight for the bike is the next big ticket item on my wish lish so I can bike after dark if I want to! 

Now if I can just figure out how to dismount my bike with more grace and avoid getting my foot tangled with the items in my pannier, the world would be perfect!!  (How embarrassing!  In front of witnesses, too!)

In other news: Both my nieces, Claire and Scarlett, have recently said goodbye to training wheels!  I can't be more proud!!  The number of cyclists in my family is growing and I am eagerly awaiting the first ride with my cycling siblings, nephews and nieces!   I'm inspired to put together a cycle-themed family gathering soon!!


  1. That's awesome! William would love to join you on a ride too.

  2. I would love to have him join us!! That kid is amazing and a lot of fun to hang out with!! I'll keep you posted on family ride dates.