Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More Sparkly Creations

I spent some time in my studio on Monday and here are the highlights:

Pearl and Turquoise Chip Necklace with handblown glass vessel.
I didn't like the way the glass on the vessel looked with the materials in the necklace
so I etched the vessel, giving the glass a misty appearance.  I wore it to work today and got a lot of compliments, which made my day!  I am debating on whether to keep this or sell it in the gift shop.

Bright green and deep purple perfume bottle.  This bottle was made for my friend Marsha Mefferd, an extremely talented artist. The colors of the vessel and the dots on the stopper were inspired by her artwork.  It is the first
perfume bottle I've made that I've been happy with. It stands about 3 inches tall from the top of the stopper to the bottom of the bottle.  It's a late birthday gift for Marsha .... she hasn't seen it yet.

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