Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tivy High School Seniors, 1935

Iris Chronis, the sister of Gene Lock (who was the original owner), gave me this wonderful photo today and I had to share. 

Tivy Seniors, 1935  (The same year the old Post Office building where I work was built)
You can click on the photo to view it at a larger size.  The handwriting on the back of this photo identifying everyone was really hard to read, so if I got someone wrong, please write me and let me know.

First Row: Marcia Jane Morris, Louis Fisher, Lucille Plumb, Ruben Zumwalt, Jean Leinweber, Cecil Londess, Moralee Jensen, Jimmie Yelvington, Laura Pelton, Frank Hatch.

Second Row: Sammie Marshall, Jonnie Stoetzner, Gene Lock, Evelyn Guthrie, Rudolph Radeleff, Doris Frances White, Doyle Nichols, Elsie Gammenthaler, Raymond Mickle, Julie Jackson

Third Row: Evelyn Littlefield, Norman Forehand, Mable Bernhard, John Spencer, Nellie Nye, Herbert Brown, Seraphina Castillo, Huling Mosty.

Fourth Row: Teddy Rothrock, Lois Butt, George “Jiggs” Leigh, Ruth Butt, Robert Smith, Edna Wolfmueller, Paxton Bollinger, Eloise Zumwalt, Spence Rogers, Melba McKay

Fifth Row: Juanita Childs, Ora Russell, Clarice Green, Ruth Smith, Vernon Sandel, Elizabeth Richards, Mildred Cotton, Juanita Long, Leona Stephens, Eloise Rutlege

Sixth Row: L.T. Davis, Jr., Rose Linstead, Imgene Merritt, Cecil Rawson, Hazel Sublett, Elizabeth Fowler, Margaret Grona, Charlotte Seeker, Geraldine Davis, J.D. Rose

One of the funny things I noticed about this photo is how it was produced.  Individual photos were pasted onto a board and then hung on a chicken wire fence to be photographed. That's a lot of work!  All we have to do is slap a bunch of images together in a program and it's ready to go.  Mr. Wheelus, who took the photo, had to get everything JUST RIGHT on that board before he snapped the photo.

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