Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Passion in Purple!

This is the latest vessel to come out of my studio.  The weather has finally cooled enough that working over a 1200 degree torch with a 947 degree kiln running within two feet of the work station isn't too daunting.

I am recovering from a nasty bug, so I only made three vessels this weekend.  Two in purple and one in teal.  (The teal will be posted soon).  The purple vessel above is a donation to a silent auction for the Daughters of the Republic of Texas. I hope it brings them lots of big bids!

After I turned off the torch, I emerged from the studio to find out that I have friends in areas of Texas that are currently being threatened by wildfires.  I reflected briefly on how fire can be both a creative and destructive force and then I commenced to worrying about loved ones.

The east Texas neighborhood where I lived before moving back home to Kerrville was evacuated yesterday and  I have good friends in the Bastrop area who were also evacuated.  It is so difficult knowing that people I care about are in harm's way and that there's nothing I can do other than offer a safe place for them to shelter and spend time on my knees in prayer.  I guess that's where faith comes in - somewhere, in all of this mess God is in control.

Please pray for Texas and the end to this miserable drought and the destructive fires that rage across the state.

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  1. Nice work!

    Prayers for rain from Austin as well.